Summer 2020 NSF Aquatic Ecology Research Experience for Undergraduates

Application Deadline February 1, 2020

Auburn University is again hosting a US National Science Foundation warm-water aquatic ecology REU. Our group is hosting a project and looking for enthusiastic applicants. You can see all of the projects and mentors, but the description of our project is Freshwater turtle population ecology and evolutionary patterns:

This project will focus on population-wide patterns of survival and reproduction and link these to broader patterns in morphology within- and among-species of freshwater turtles. The REU student will work closely with the mentors to create data driven population models and conduct statistical analyses. The student will also have ample opportunity to participate in ongoing field research on several turtle species found in water bodies around Auburn. The student will develop their quantitative skill set by learning several modeling and statistical analysis techniques, learn how to capture and process freshwater turtles, and gain experience designing analyses based on ecological and evolutionary hypotheses.

See this recent News item about our REU project with Jorge this past summer.

Please contact Maria Joao if you are interested!