Ways you can connect with our science!

Auburn Undergraduate Students

If you are interested in volunteering in the lab please:

  • e-mail Dr. Wolak a 3-5 sentence statement of your research interests and your CV/resume
  • fill out an interest survey so we can better see where you will fit in

Future Graduate Students

Please e-mail me to talk about opportunities. I am currently looking for students ready to tackle some hardcore quantitative genetics in seed beetles. Anyone interested in adaptation, evolutionary quantitative genetics, fitness, or just super quantitative/statistical evolutionary ecology should contact me!

Future Postdocs

I am very interested to discuss the prospect of collaborating on fellowship applications, for example Canadian NSERC Postdoctoral Programs (fran├žais: Niveau Postdoctoral) or outgoing Marie Curie Fellowships. Please contact me.

Educational Research opportunities


Looking for hands-on, inquiry based programs to learn how to be a scientist by doing what scientists do? Check out one of our BEETLES (Beetle Evolution Equips Teachers and Learners through Engaging in Science) opportunities below to see how you can get involved.

The overarching goal of BEETLES is to train students and teachers to conduct scientific research on evolution by natural selection so that participants are better engaged with the process of science, have a stronger science identity, and retain interest in science.